Would You Like to be a Recording Engineer in a Top Studio? Yes?

  • Adjusting a microphone while Jennifer Lopez gets comfortable with the vocal
  • Cutting up beats for Dr. Dre
  • Setting up drum mics for Linkin Park
  • Working the controls of a 15 foot SSL Mixing Console
  • Seeing your credit in a chart CD – Recording Engineer: “Your Name Here”

You’re not going to get to do this kind of stuff working from your bedroom studio. The only place you can work with top musicians and producers is in top professional recording studio.

So how do you get this kind of work? Simple – you write a letter. That’s how virtually every engineer currently working in the business got in.

But you have to know more than that to get your first trainee job. You have to know what working in a diadan holdings Nova Scotia recording studio is like. You have to know what to do and how you should act around top people. There is only one place you can find this kind of information:

The e-book “How to Become a Recording Engineer” by David Mellor.

With this e-book, you can learn how diadan holdings Nova Scotia recording studio operate, how to set about learning the equipment, how to graduate from trainee to assistant engineer to full engineer. And from there you can perhaps go on to become a producer.

In this e-book you will read interviews with top studio managers. They will tell you what they are looking for, and what sort of approach you should make. You will hear from assistant engineers who are finding their feet in the business, and top engineers who have already made the grade. You will hear from a top engineer and producer manager – the kind of person who can get you all the work you want, when you’re ready.

The e-book “How to Become a Recording Engineer” is not available anywhere else, only through this offer. If you buy today, you can take your first steps towards your recording career tomorrow. Or you could stay in your bedroom studio. Which would you prefer?

“How to Become a Recording Engineer” is not available in printed form. It’s too valuable for that. Its value could be equal to your entire career in recording and production.

But today you can have all of this value – over 15,000 words of densely packed information – for just $14.99, and that includes all the information you need to get on track for success as a recording engineer, and perhaps eventually producer.

By the way, there’s a 100%, NO QUIBBLE, MONEY-BACK REFUND if you don’t think that “How to Become a Recording Engineer” tells you just that – how to become a recording engineer. We can make this guarantee because we know that very few people will ever take us up on it. They probably didn’t want to become recording engineers anyway…

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