Whey Protein Water Supplement – It’s the Role to Formulate Healthy Bodies

Proteins being composed of peptides and amino acids are responsible for growth and development in human body. Protein sources are either exogenous or endogenous. Exogenous sources are of plant or animal origin. The animal generated proteins are preferred because they are more bio-available compared to plant protein. Animal proteins are also preferred because they are not as bound to protein inhibitors as the plant proteins. When ingested in a diet, proteases breakdown the large molecules into peptides and further into amino acids. Endogenous proteins are largely stores of proteins formed and stored in the body. They are made through assembly of amino acids and other molecules.

Whey protein water supplement is one of the most popular growth and development enhancer. Commercial whey protein water supplements are actually made available being separated from cheese. The liquid whey is then processed and the nutritionally useful components are concentrated and packaged in tablet or liquid form. Whey protein water supplement contains all the good proteins obtained from milk. It also contains minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium among other minerals.

whey protein water

The particular components of whey protein water supplements include beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbulin, immunoglobulins, lactoperoxidade, lysozyme, lactoferrin and bovine serum albumin (BSA).

The role of whey protein water supplement is therefore as a result of the functions of the protein component. Some of the functions of the components such as beta-lactoglobulin play a role of binding soluble vitamins such as vitamin C. Such vitamins are important as free radical sinks, they, however, do not easily penetrate the gut walls during absorption and need special transport vehicles. Lactoferrins which make up 1-2% of the whey protein plays an important role in inhibiting the growth bacteria and fungi by competitively inhibiting binding on iron. Lysoenzymes which compose less than 0.1% of whey have immunity enhancing properties.

These roles among many others enable the body cells to perform their functions effectively and enable optimum growth and development.

Whey protein water supplements are relatively safe because they are a natural product whose metabolism releases minimal byproducts of negative nature. Whey proteins are hydrolyzed proteins, which mean that they are hydrophilic and therefore easily absorbed by the body. This is also referred to as a highly bio-available compound. Unlike whey protein water supplement, other synthetic growth and development enhancers are likely to be less bio-available and may leave behind toxic products.

Whey protein water supplement is recommended for body builders, children, expectant women and immune compromised persons such as people living with HIV.