Tips in Cleaning your Casual Area Rug

Casual area rug serves you and your family by adding style of your home. This is something that is laid on the floor for you to walk on. The location of the rug is actually the primary determinant of how dirty it can get. If it is located near your entrance door then it is expected that it will be sandy ad if it is in the kitchen of dining area then definitely it will have traces of oil, water and any other spillages. These are some reasons that is why you rug slowly loses it life. The best way to intervene in these situations is to regularly clean it. You need to clean it yourself because there are no available in the market that has the capability to clean itself.

Here are some tips that would really help to properly clean your rugs at home in order to prolong its life. Having a rug pad at home is really helpful because it will prevent your rug from moving and it can help to prevent the discoloration of your Casual area rug thereby increasing its capability to serve you. You can also rotate you rug at least once in a year. Rotating does not mean that you need to change your rug. All you need to do is to rotate its position so the fading or wearing of the rug will be even. It is important to avoid too much fading and wearing in just one side.

Casual area rug

The best way to clean your Casual area rug is actually through vacuum. However, there are certain types that should not undergo vacuum because the fibers may damage due to the pressure that a vacuum usually do to get the dirt and sand on the rug. What you can do on some rug that has delicate fibers is to shake it. If the rug is too big, you can get help from your significant others or just shake one side at a time. You can also hang the rug on your fence and do the shaking, in this way the dirt can be easily remove due to pull of gravity. It is advisable to do combing after cleaning the rug to make the fibers even again. When using a vacuum make sure that you will empty it regularly because when you use it while it is half-full it can damage the motor. Vacuum the rug on both directions to prevent matting of the rug especially on traffic areas of it.