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The Procedure For Hiring A Talented Expert

Is there a requirement of a Shopify developer for your store? Do you need a Shopify expert for setup, development, design or marketing purposes? The choices at a business’s disposal are going for a Shopify expert or a Shopify plus expert.

For the success of an online mall, the web store should be outstanding and be characterized by matchless accessibility. The competition levels are high, with many entities selling their goods online.

Requirements of most merchants are basic

A majority of merchants are looking for a certain degree of customization for their stores. This should be combined with high and varied functionality. It is here that the role of a Shopify expert becomes indispensable.

Setting up a Shopify store is indeed easy. But it comes by as a time-taking task, which may not be possible for a business owner. To counter the issue, Shopify has cultivated Shopify Experts, which is a community of e-commerce specialists.

Where do I hire an official Shopify expert?

In the primary Shopify domain, one comes across a microsite that has Shopify Experts’ list. One can figure out a Shopify expert by typing in the name or the relevant keywords in the search box. This helps find an expert based upon his niche of expertise.

Key things to consider when hiring a Shopify expert

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What’s the issue?

Identifying the problem is the first step to consider when you hire Shopify expert of any kind, Shopify developer or a Shopify designer. He would be able to present a flawless Shopify website design or create a Shopify store for your business.

So what is it that you are planning to do? Develop a new Shopify website or looking for a Shopify design that is the best match for your requirements?


Location is ideally of no relevance. Shopify experts seldom meet their clients face to face. This allows businesses to collaborate with Shopify experts from all across the world.

Most of the experts use tools such as Invision and Sketch for prototyping. The need to meet face to face is hence done away with. One also has a choice at finding only a Shopify web designer who is nearby his location. But then, a business would be paying up to 100% more for accessing Shopify help by meeting a Shopify expert face-to-face.


Pricing is one of the key defining factors for the selection of a Shopify Expert. Before one finalizes a deal, one should ask an expert about the price he is going to charge. An experienced Shopify expert would be in a position to quote a reasonable price with an instant effect. This is also subject to the changes you want for your store. A business is likely to come across Shopify experts who undertake the project at a reasonable price.

Check portfolios

Checking portfolios is the best way to figure out a Shopify expert who is ideal for your brand, based upon your requirements. One must go through the projects that an expert has completed in the past. This goes to show that the expert has relevant experience in a particular field. There may be cases wherein a project created by a Shopify expert links to his website.

Should I hire a developer who is not an official Shopify expert?

No, as this would reflect over the quality of work. Alternately, hiring an official Shopify expert ensures peace of mind for a business owner.

Shopify experts program has stringent requirements for inclusion for experts across all genres, designers, marketing specialists, and photographers.

Are all Shopify experts capable of design, setup, and development?

No. They are subdivided into 5 categories.

Shopify designers  Primarily concerned with visuals and a website’s presentation. They take care of user-interface and design elements.

Shopify Developers – They work on apps and back-end.

Setup Experts – They have expertise over store configuration and setup.

Marketing Experts – Marketing experts deliver a competitive edge for your store. They bring in even more customers with the use of digital marketing strategies, such as SEO.

Photography Experts – Photography experts use strategic positioning and photography to draw attention to your products.

A few of the Shopify experts are listed under one category alone, owing to the specialization of their services. Others are listed under multiple categories and provide an all-round package for their clients. If a business owner is sure of his business requirements, he can avail of the services of a single Shopify expert and make sure that the services are seamless. A few of the Shopify experts deal with the Shopify Plus platform. A business owner can hire Shopify plus experts as well.

Need to hire a Shopify expert?

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