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How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

Jose wanted to develop a mobile app for his business and so, he was looking for mobile app developers to help him with a quote. He contacted some local as well as a few offshore mobile app development agencies to get a cost estimate. He was shocked to receive quotes from $ 500 to $ 10000.

Well, there are many factors that determine the app development cost. Don’t be surprised if you receive a vast difference in the quotes received from the mobile app developers. Depending on their expertise and experience, the developers would charge you a fixed cost for app development.

Wish to understand what factors determine the app development cost? Keep reading this article:

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Requirements and features of the app

Mobile apps may vary significantly in terms of complexity and features. If you have a complex project, you would obviously get a high quote. Small and medium sized projects would have lesser quotes. Features and functions in the app also determine the cost of app.

Platform and devices

The number of platforms you are developing the app for is an important factor that determines the project cost. You may choose to build a mobile app for iOS or Android or both. You may need an application for wearable devices or connected TV platforms. The type of device and device generation can determine the app development cost. You can contact a few mobile app developers from the internet and get quotes from them by explaining your exact business requirements.

Graphics / Visual design

It’s a known fact that most of the customers buy with their eyes. So, if they find your app appealing to their eyes, they would be interested to use it. The visual elements of your app such as icon, splash screen, interface elements and buttons come with a price. While looking for mobile app developers, make sure that you hire an agency that has a team of expert designers to create eye-catchy designs.


You may choose to get your app developed by a freelancer or an experienced company having a team of mobile app developers. Though it may be tempting to hire individuals, it can be risky. Look for an established small or large mobile app development agency that is backed up with a team of expert business analysts, designers, developers, project managers, and QA testers under one roof.

Marketing the app

The job is incomplete with the marketing of your mobile application. While discussing the requirements with experienced developers, make sure that do not forget to talk about the marketing and promotion of the app. The app market is very competitive and you may obviously need marketing for staying ahead in the race.

While hiring mobile app developers, don’t fall in the trap of “reusing old code”. Some mobile experts may suggest you to use such ready-made codes to build your first app. Though doing this may help you save a lot of money initially, it can be risky. Always look for mobile app developers who can build your application from the scratch.