Cartoon Wardrobe in Organic Cotton Clothing

Kids love the trendy garments of their favorite stars and superheroes. I’ve noticed how my own kids dress up differently soon after a much talked about movie hit the box office. All the while, I thought cartoon characters could only influence the prints in kiddy shirts, hats and bags like the case of Mickey Mouse. But observing closely how organic cotton clothing fads come and go, there is a glaring resemblance between the wardrobe worn by cartoon stars (such as the Japanese anime Naruto and Sakura) and today’s children’s designer clothing. Also, I noted that one of the most widely played on-line network game ‘Ragnarok’ introduced western wardrobe in a traditionally oriental setting. Take note that the game was created by Korean programmers.

organic cotton clothing
organic cotton clothing

Striped clothes, most notably those alternating pink-white, blue-white or black-white shirts and blouses, are commonly seen among anime characters. Burberry and Armani Junior have a long line of shirts following this trend. Try surfing the websites of Disney Channel and Cartoon Network and then compare it with most online clothing boutiques. You will be amazed how heavily cartoon characters influenced organic cotton clothing designer shops.

Boys love to play soldiers. This is why camouflage design is almost seen in all children’s organic cotton clothing stores. Bonnets and other head gears adopt both vintage and modern military caps as base designs such as those worn by pilots, gunners and infantry men.

If adult fashion has models and celebrities setting the trend, kids take a cue from their favorite carton stars. Soon, anime cartoons stars would soon rise to replace big names such Mickey Mouse in setting the trend in upscale children’s organic cotton clothing.