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Adrenal Fatigue Treatment: A Natural Approach

One thing most people who Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) experience, besides the many possible symptoms, is a feeling of constant tiredness. One would think that adrenal fatigue treatment would be the order of call for addressing the condition, but, unfortunately, it is not all that simple. And here is why.

What is the cause of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome?

What makes adrenal fatigue treatment so difficult is because the root cause of the condition in each person may differ. Of course, the root may be traced back to stress, but there are many different elements described as stress that may impact your body. For example, the stress may be psychological, physical, or even environmental in nature.

Chronic stress may compromise your adrenal function, leading to a hormone imbalance that has a cascading effect on your body. The results of this may include not only fatigue, but a decline in cognitive function, depression, and recurrent infections, to name but a few. Ultimately, your body’s constant fight to stave off infections leads to a compromised immune system, which effectively leads to even more infections.

Severe trauma to the body, even in the event of an operation, has a serious impact on your body and your adrenal glands. Research indicates that a traumatic event may have a lingering, negative impact on your body for years after the event.

Diet and environmental toxins also play their role, as these stressors put your body into a state where the adrenals (and other functions impacted by them) try to overcompensate in order to keep the status quo. When they start failing, AFS signs start to manifest.


Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment – According To Conventional Medicine

AFS is not considered a medical condition by the conventional medical establishment. In many instances, most practitioners of conventional medicine dismiss AFS as an ailment. There is thus no standard medical treatment for adrenal fatigue.

In the case of CFS, no medical cure is as yet available. Symptoms, however, are attended to by means of painkillers, antivirals, and sleeping medications, amongst others. Conventional medicine thus focuses on treating the result and not the cause. Because AFS is not recognized as a medical condition, adrenal fatigue treatment in most cases, as is the case with CFS, focuses on addressing the symptoms. This results in many of the same medications being prescribed as with CFS, including antidepressants and even thyroid medications. In both cases, i.e. CFS and AFS, the medications do not deal with the cause of the problem. The result of this is that your problem grows worse over time.

Is There Adrenal Fatigue Treatment That Works?

When it comes to natural medicine, practitioners understand that adrenal fatigue symptoms and treatment is unique to each individual with the condition. The focus is on the individual and all aspects of his or her body. This holistic approach when it comes to addressing this conditions looks at such aspects as protein water diet, exercise, stress reduction, etc. To this end, ways are looked at to decrease mental stress, while you are encouraged to do exercise that is right for you. Not everyone is a long-distance marathon runner or able to workout at the gym. As for diet, certain foods work at supporting the adrenals, reducing fat loss, and balancing the body’s vitamins and minerals.

By incorporating these different aspects, the whole body is thus subjected to a natural healing approach that pays off in the long run

Effective treatment for adrenal fatigue is something that is not on the charts when it comes to modern medicine. In fact, the condition is not even medically recognized. Yet the fact remains that millions of people the world over suffer from this condition. The symptoms may even negatively impact their standard of living.

The root cause of adrenal fatigue is stress – physical, psychological, or environmental. This stress leads to a hormonal imbalance that has a cascading effect that has a negative impact on your overall health. The result is a wide range of different symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Modern medicine advocates tend to treat these symptoms with a wide range of medications, including painkillers, antivirals, antidepressants, sleeping pills, and thyroid medications, amongst many others. While this might work for a short period, AFS sufferers often end up in worse shape than before.

Practitioners of natural medicine, such as homeopaths, for example, tend to look at the human body as a single entity and treat it as such. This means that the symptoms may be used as part of the diagnosis, but the focus of treatment is the cause of the problem. To this end, adrenal fatigue treatment takes a holistic approach that considers lifestyle, environment and personal mental health issues such as work stress. By finding ways of eliminating stress, together with dietary adjustments and the correct exercise, the adrenal glands receive the support they need to heal, while other compromised functions are attended to during the process.